Welcome to Indigo Marriage and Family Therapy.  We are a community of practitioners that specialize in individual and couples therapy in the heart of Manhattan.  We aim to provide high quality counseling to a community as diverse as NYC itself.  

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Elena Hull Cournot, Clinical Director   LMFT  #00341       

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"As within so without", the state of our inner world is the greatest influence on our outer world.

I hold therapy as a place where my clients can create a spacious and rich dialogue with their inner world to heal, shape and inspire their lives.  Our suffering is worthy of our time, our curiosity and our compassionate attention.  It is often the doorway to deeper meaning and developing more capacity to hold the richness of life. 

Early relational trauma, loss, and unexpected tragedy are all human experiences that can disconnect us from our native self and fracture our sense of safety in the world and in our personal relationships.  When we are disconnected from our selves it can manifest, for example, as anxiety, fear, depression, anger, grief, stress, rumination or isolation. It is natural to need support to reconnect.  

I do a lot of work with adults turning to face unmet childhood trauma.  A trusted therapeutic relationship can be the space to risk facing childhood wounds, move beyond limiting unconscious patterns and tend the painful symptoms trauma leaves behind.  In-depth psychotherapy offers the consistency, containment, and time for the process of personal transformation to unfold.  It can reunite us with our latent possibilities, our intuitive wisdom, and all that is essential to us.  

I love working with both individuals and couples.  I find working with couples incredibly rewarding as the duality and complementary nature of a couple can be a great teacher for the individuals within it.  The interior life of a couple is often private and therefore isolated from the support it often needs.  Couples rarely have the experience of someone entering their shared world and asking them questions that can deepen the understanding and intimacy between them.

I am trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist which informs how I look at one's family of origin to understand one's present concerns and as a Creative Arts Therapist which allows me to weave meaningful interventions into the talk therapy that can ignite the work.



Amy Benedict, Marriage and Family Therapy Associate  #P03747

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My work has always been guided by a belief in our innate capacity to learn, to heal, and to transform provided we are met with empathy and compassion in the fullness of who we are — body, mind and spirit.

There are times when we need a place of refuge where we can address the depth and complexity of that which is causing us suffering or limiting our experience of life and relationships. I am honored to welcome individuals and couples into just such a safe and accepting space, where both inner and relational awareness can develop and flourish. 

Together we explore personal, cultural and archetypal narratives to reveal clients deepest values and highest aspirations. I incorporate experiential techniques that encourage greater self-expression, mindfulness and the integration of preferred ways of being. Clients discover and connect with strengths and vital parts of themselves, opening up new possibilities for healing, intimacy and meaning in life. 

I hold masters degrees in Education (Antioch University) and in Marriage and Family Therapy (Mercy College). Also a certified Celebrant, I collaborate with diverse multicultural and inter-spiritual clients to prepare for and honor marriages and other life cycle events. This symbolic artistic work combines with my rich background in holistic education to inspire my therapy with clients navigating all developmental stages and thresholds:  

emergent adulthoodparenthood and midlife, as well as those facing changes in relationship status through lossseparation and divorce.



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Lauren Deakin, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist  #001428

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Connection is at the core of everything we do.

I believe therapy has the potential to transform our lives in real and meaningful ways.  It can bring us to a place of broader understanding and peace with ourselves, our partners/family, and ultimately humanity.  I approach therapy with warmth, compassionate curiosity, and honest reflection.  I am a supportive ally on your journey of learning about yourself; learning to more authentically connect with others, make conscious choices, and live life from a point of clarity and engagement.

I view therapy from the perspective that connection is at the core of everything we do.  I create a space of acceptance and open respect so clients can freely explore their internal reparative energy and hear their own guiding voice.  I enjoy working with clients in context of their worldview, culture, life experiences, and biology.  

In therapy with me, you can expect to flow between a deeper exploration of unconscious influences, past experiences, lifelong patterns, and also practical, simple methods of coping with suffering and living daily in fulfilling and inhabited ways.  

I see individuals (18 years and up) and couples at all stages in their relationship, of all orientations and configurations.  I work with people experiencing depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, addiction, trauma, relationship conflict, sexual and identity issues, career stress, life transitions, spiritual/religious conflict and more.


When 2 becomes 3 with Lauren Deakin, LMFT

A workshop for new parents on nurturing your relationship

October 28th, 2:30p - 5:00pm

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