New Clients


What to expect

Our session typically run 45-50 minutes.  It is common practice to schedule longer sessions, especially for couples.   During certain seasons in your work you may want multiple sessions a week depending on need and availability of the therapist.  

You do pay for the first session and we invite you to speak to your therapist by phone before coming in to do a short intake, hear their voice, and to ask any questions you might have before coming in.  You can contact our therapist directly depending on who you are interested in working with.  Their contact information is connected to their Bio on the Our Practice page and on our Contact page.  

Therapy is structured weekly.  You are given a time slot that is yours each week, ideally at the same time on the same day, psyche loves consistency!  We do not offer the option of meeting every other week in the beginning as it is difficult to gain traction this way and we have found it can make therapy less effective.  If you have been working with a therapist for a year or more you can speak with your therapist about it.  We understand that couples can have difficulty adhering to this and so we are more flexible in structuring the work in collaboration with the couple in a way that works for both the therapist and the couple.

When it comes to choosing your therapist, trust your gut.  A good fit with the therapist is the key to a successful therapeutic relationship.  You should know by the end of the first session, trust how you feel.  All our therapists understand this and so if it doesn't fee l like the right fit we are happy to help you find one, within our community or beyond.

At Indigo MFT, we understand that therapy is a commitment, financially, emotionally, and in terms of time.  We do our best to be on the cutting edge in our field and to always be learning in order to provide the best for our clients.  


Do you accept insurance?

We do not take insurance but we offer receipts to submit to insurance for reimbursement.  You can ask your insurance company if they cover out of network therapists and if so how many sessions will they cover annually and if there is a deductible.  We offer sliding scale and we staff Indigo with therapists at different stages of the licensing process and with different levels of experience to compensate for our inability to take insurance.  You can work with an experienced registered MFT intern for under $90 an hour.