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Transformational Workshop Creator/Facilitator: Rachel Astarte MFA, CCHt., CLC


Write Your Self Open is a transformational workshop and ongoing practice. Participants are invited to discover and celebrate their true selves through guided meditation, journal writing, and discussion.

Reconnect with the Highest Self and write with that authentic voice, using a four-phase approach of:

Identifying the Issue—What area of our life needs work? (Past topics: addiction, anger,            grief, PTSD, phobias, self-esteem, introversion, mid-life crisis, career, and relationships)

Guided Meditation—Temporarily release ego consciousness and connect with the subconscious and Source, allowing guiding images to emerge in response to our issue.

Writing—Using exercises designed around the meditation journey, write from a pure place of personal truth.

Discussion—Share writings, speak in an open forum about the journey to Self and, in doing so, celebrate the divine paradox that all individuals are interconnected.

We heal in community. Writers of all levels are welcome. The only prerequisite is a desire to go deep into your creative center. Please wear comfortable clothing, and bring a pen and notebook.


About Rachel Astarte

Rachel Astarte is a certified transformational life coach, author, and educator. She is currently a marriage and family therapy intern at Indigo Marriage and Family Therapy in Manhattan. Rachel is the author of Celebrating Solitude: How to Discover and Honor Your Highest Self, and was a contributor to Dr. Bernie S. Siegel's 2011 anthology, A Book of Miracles: Inspiring True Stories of Healing, Gratitude, and Love. She was also a nominee for the Pushcart Prize in Poetry.