Our Services


Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a contemplative practice of self discovery that can reduce internal suffering, generate resiliency, develop awareness in relationship and promote wellness.  I often find myself reminding clients that giving themselves one hour a week to just be with themselves, to take time to meet their suffering, to feel connected to their lives and their dreams beyond the daily stressors is essential and not selfish. 

A psychotherapist, having gained a Masters in the study of human development, behavior, psychology, spirituality, and family systems, along with studying a multitude of modalities for treatment for interpersonal and intra-psychic conflict, is essentially an experienced guide whose depth of wisdom can expand the course of a life and help people heal.



Couples Therapy

Relationships are powerful vessels for growth and change.  They can be minefields for past hurts waiting to be exposed.  Our partners meet our blindspots and our identity often shifts in the context of a relationship or marriage...for better or for worse.  Our couples therapy is respectful and directive.  We feel honored to work with married couples who feel this is their last option before considering divorce, couples moving towards the altar, couples meeting the intense demands of having a child and becoming a family of three or more, and couples have lost their romantic connection.




If you are an MFT intern looking for a private practice internship or a licensed therapist or organization looking for consultation, our practice founder and Clinical Director, Elena Hull Cournot, has worked with many individuals and organizations to help them achieve their clinical and professional goals. 

Elena has supervised close to 20 MFT interns and associates through to licensure in a private practice setting over the past 12 years.  She has been a clinical consultant for Mariska Hargitay's  Joyful Heart Foundation and has worked with Marriot Hotels and the Madre Foundation regarding Staff Wellness and Grief Counseling at an organizational level.